About the Artist/Designer

A recent convert to mobile art. graphic designer and production artist. would be poet, which i’d to think of me as that. Tried to do a lot of things when young. same thing fast forward decades later. indeed, life is a full circle. I am still a visual artist, with so much and so many interests.

I love history, music and reading. I maintain a facebook page on the pictorial history of the city where I was born. meaning, I scour the net for anything old photos of it. To read on articles related to it: Davao of the Past Blog or go to Facebook. This has been a journey of discovery, seeing history, unfolding through old pictures. It is looking forward through the past.

And lately, rediscovering I rediscovered haiku, and fused it with my art. The journey never really ends.

this site is, how I express my art, how i see things with photography, how i react to events, how i see in terms of me and family. So i guess, it is better to express everything in a blog, a package, all in one.

My instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/paulcorpus.works

Photos are also featured here, Viewbug.

If somebody is interested there is another page where to find me.

I am also a Sr. Production Designer/Graphic Designer, I have worked with some agencies or institutions on contract, fulltime-perm basis. Currently I work as a graphic designer for a packaging company. For samples of my work, you can click on the link: https://paulcorpusworks.com/design-and-production/

All images throughout this website, are, whether digital photography, digital art or mixed media are copyright by Paul Corpus.