What is idea when it cannot inspire us? What is thought when it cannot make us think? Through time, imagination was the source of ideas, and ideas, change. These thoughts, carefully laid, carefully unfolded, provoking, became impetus of history. Ideas brought through a lot of things, they become ingrained, become part of our experiences.

What is idea when it is not within us? These illustration are my everyday journeys and explorations.

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Exploring the #ipadpencil. Fields of summer. Mixed media.
May 2018, copyright Paul Corpus.
Exploring the #ipadpencil. Early morning flowering. Mixed media.
February 2018, copyright Paul Corpus.

A0FB2B90-6A1A-46C2-B56A-6AA93BCECA6FExploring the #ipadpencil. Everything has meaning, the dilemma of the Lumad (indigenous people) #3.
November 2017, copyright Paul Corpus.


Exploring the #ipadpencil. Exercise in fruition 3. Mixed media.
October 2017, copyright Paul Corpus.

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